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Dirk Meeuws

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I am a curious, enthusiastic and analytic person who loves to work in a challenging, exciting and diverse environment. I have always been eager to learn. When I was young my favorite question was “Why?”. My drive to get to the bottom of how things work is also the reason why one of my first books was a scientific encyclopedia.

My passion lies in technology and its translation to business and vice versa. My analytical background enables me to see and analyze the 'Why?' of certain events. I embrace complexity and find my passion in making things look utterly simple while being uber complex beneath the surface.

I understand the pitfalls of working with data. I have seen people disregard (data) outliers as errors in their data. And I believe that these outliers can tell us a lot about the underlying processes. By studying these outliers and really understand why these outliers do not fit the curve, we are able to have a better understanding of our environment. The tricky part however is, translating these insights back to business.

Achieving something together is better than achieving something alone. I like to work in teams that works toward a common goal. By not focusing on each other but solving problems together, a team can achieve great success and really grow.

Finally, I was born in Mozambique. During the first six years of my life I have lived in Mozambique, the Netherlands, Sudan and Nicaragua. Having lived in many different places and being raised bilingual by my Dutch father and Mozambican mother, has taught me how to blend into new groups. Because of such a diverse upbringing I also find it easier to put things in perspective.

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